Key Features and Benefits

      Subrex Reusable Hubs
    • Cores are used in conjunction with Subrex Reusable Hubs
    • Economical, only wetted path is replaced
    • Ideal for heated applications
    • Reduces time consuming cleaning processes
    • Resists clogging and stringing, improves fluid break-off
    • Greener, less waste by weight for disposal

Available Coatings and Materials

(EN) – P/N code 01 Electroless Nickel
(EC) – P/N code 04 Entecoat Coating
(NC) – P/N code 00 No Coating

Phosphor Bronze (P/N code 02)
– Standard material (UNS C51000)

Nickel Silver (P/N code 03)
– Standard material (UNS C73500)

precision core chart

How to Order:
• Email purchase orders to
• Call 760•436•1521