Parylene Type C is an FDA/USDA compliant polymer coating that is hydrophobic and oleophobic. It is applied to interior and exterior of nozzle cores using a vacuum deposition process. Powdered raw material or dimer is vaporized at 150°C and forms a dimeric gas. Dimeric gas is cleaved to a monomer form in a second stage by heating to 650°C. Monomer gas is introduced to an evacuated coating chamber, where it disperses and polymerizes on core surfaces at room temperature to encapsulate a core interior and exterior with Parylene film. Appearance of coated cores is base metal color under a transparent film that imparts an iridescent tint.

Film applied to core interior and exterior is pin hole free, it is wick resistant and provides a film that acts as a barrier to contact with a fluid.  Coating thickness is 0.8 – 3 microns. Standard gage core sizes in nickel silver or phosphor bronze can be coated with this process. To specify this coating add 06 to the coating designator in the part number.