Nozzles Precisely Engineered For Performance and Improved Productivity

Our superior design enables smooth, continuous flow that is clog resistant and capable of higher flow rates at lower pressures.

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Subrex fluid delivery systems are engineered to dispense a measured amount of fluid onto a work-piece in a precise manner. The last point of interaction with a fluid before dispense is where engineers at Subrex have focused their attention.



Epoxy Resins, Curing Agents, Modifiers and sealants.
Epoxy resins, curing agents, modifiers and sealants are found in a wide array of products from cars and trucks to windmills, electronics, aircraft and buildings.



  • Placement of viscous, small diameter dots and lines
  • Precise deposition of adhesive
  • Deposit of high surface tension fluid into wells
  • Under-fill of epoxy in semiconductor applications
  • Dispense of UV cure adhesives



Design details of the body of dispensing nozzles, dispensing needles or dispensing tips can have a substantial impact in terms of resistance to flow. More pressure is required to achieve the desired flow-rate when the output exhibits high resistance to flow from abrupt transitions between sections and restrictive aperture sizes required for the desired deposit placement. High pressure requirements force the main upstream system component, the pump, to do more work to achieve the pressure necessary for fluid movement. The result is decreased accuracy and increased variation in the deposit volume. A correctly designed precision nozzle enhances fluid flow, avoiding dramatic change in pressure. Precision dispensing requires precision dispensing nozzles, dispensing needles or dispensing tips to achieve that high flow-rate.