Why Buy Subrex Dispense Components?

What Thin Wall Nozzles Offer


- Substantial reduction in pressure at equivalent Flow-rate due to geometry


- Thin wall

- Outside diameter

- Monolithic (one piece)


- Smooth surface finish

- Generous transitions

- Low run-out tolerance

- Thermally conductive
- Coatings

Why This Is Important


- Faster movement (acceleration & deceleration)of fluid to set point rate
- Better repeatability, reduced variability
- Enhanced accuracy

- Largest possible aperture ID for a given size

- Reduced propensity for fluid to cling to exit point or wick up nozzle wall
- Smaller offset from adjacent targets

- No connections to impede flow or clog
- Cleaning is easier if required
- Higher rigidity, no deflection under pressure

- Small boundary layer, higher fluid velocity

- Further reduction in pressure at flow rate

- Close proximity to target
- Enhanced placement precision

- Ability to input and remove heat from the fluid to manipulate viscosity

- Meet additional fluid specific process requirements

Developing your next process or improving your current process is easier when you use nozzle technology engineered to deliver. Subrex, the only manufacturer of nozzles with a thin wall offers a family of fluid delivery components designed specifically to produce superior process performance results.